Dynamic Prefix

Dynamic prefixes change by e.g. ISPs can be injected into dhcpy6d during runtime.

Prefix injection

An already running dhcpy6d daemon can be updated with a new changed prefix. Whatever script detects a new prefix may call the following:

dhcpy6d --message "prefix 2001:db8"

This call only sends the message to the running dhcpyd and stops after finishing. The prefix snippet will be inserted wherever there is a $prefix$ variable used in an address or prefix definition.

The $prefix$ variable

The $prefix$ variable will be replaced wherever it appears in an address or prefix definition:

category = range
range = 1000-1fff
pattern = $prefix$::$range$

With the previous example prefix snippet the result will be addresses in the range 2001:db8::1000 to 2001:db8::1fff.

The same applies to prefixes:

category = range
range = 1000-1fff
pattern = $prefix$:$range$::

Important advice

Just keep in mind that the $prefix$ variable is just meant to be a snippet of a whole address or prefix definition and not as a whole prefix.

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