Stable source and binary packages for Debian and Redhat/CentOS are available at GitHub.

The current development version is available at GitHub latest.

Debian repository

This Debian repository works at least for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04.
Add the following source to your Debian APT sources:

deb /

Add the gpg key to your APT keyring:

# wget -q -O - | apt-key add -

After updating APT the latest stable version of dhcpy6d is ready to install:

# apt update
# apt install dhcpy6d

RedHat/CentOS repository

To use the RedHat/CentOS 8 repository simply add the following to your repository information:


Now dhcpy6d can be installed:

# dnf install dhcpy6d

GitHub repository

The git repository is hosted at GitHub at

Get your clone:

# git clone dhcpy6d

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